Data and Code

On this page, you can download the Stata scripts for the labor market vulnerability index developed in "Who is in and who is out? Proposing a risk-based conceptualisation of insiders and outsiders". The vulnerability values were calculated with EU-SILC data. There are Stata do-files available for the ESS, the ISSP, and the German ALLBUS surveys.

You always need one of the SILC tables which provide the vulnerability values for the respective year, and a do-file which implements the class structure in your data set. Running the do-file will sort all respondents within the work force into one of 20 occupational reference groups based on their class, age, and gender. Each group will then be attributed a vulnerability value from the table. The table has to be in the same directory as do-file and data.
Working with more than one country/year or both also works fine. If you want to obtain vulnerability values for more than one year, just download more than one table, the do-file will automatically include all csv-files in the directory.

Please cite as: Schwander, Hanna & Silja Häusermann (2013): Who is in and who is out? A risk-based conceptualization of insiders and outsiders", in: Journal of European Social Policy (23) 3:248-269.

Tables with Risk Values


Do-Files for Stata

Cumulation Rounds 1 - 9 Years 2014 - 2017 Cumulation
Rounds 6 - 9 Years 2000 - 2013 Years 2012 - 2018
Rounds 1 - 5 Years 2000 - 2010